A few words on the composition

Moringa oil has large concentration of fatty acids, with cutting edge of oleic acid (68%), i.e. the most popular Omega-9 acid. Beside this one, are also present five other saturated fatty acids: palmitic (8%), stearic (8%), behenic (6%), arachidic (4%) and lignoceric (1,3%) and three unsaturated fatty acids: palmitoleic (1,5%), eicosenoic (1,4%) and linoleic (1%). Its composition is very similar to composition of olive oil, which is valued for its very good nourishing properties.

Beside fatty acids, moringa oil consists of many vegetable sterols (e.g. β-sitosterol, stigmasterol, campesterol and γ-Tocopherol), which ensure complex impact on hair structure. Phytosterols are natural antioxidants, which indicate anti-inflammatory, strengthening, regenerative and anti-allergic properties.

Moringa oil is also true vitamin-mineral bomb. Moringa oil is full of vitamins B, A and C. The mineral substances present in the oil are mainly calcium, potassium and iron. No wonder, that in the past the dishes with Moringa's leaves or fruits were served to people who were dehydrated, starving or exhausted - after all the plant has concentrated nourishing properties.

Use of moringa oil

The diversity of nourishing ingredients makes this natural oil have wide spectrum of uses in cosmetology. It is recommended mostly for skin care of skin in need of cleanse and regeneration - dry, mature, acne prone or irritated. Furthermore, the oil is great for problematic high and medium porosity hair - dry, brittle, matte or with dandruff. Because of its durability and stable form, the oil can be used as a base in production of cosmetics, and if you add few drops of this oil to other natural products, it will extend their expiry date.

argan oil moringa oil

For some people choosing the right oil to condition hair, skin and nails happens to be quite a challenging task. It’s hard to make up our mind especially when both products look fairly similar. However, as many women report, there are always some features that tell the oils apart despite sharing the same use. When it comes to argan and moringa oil, is the choice not-so-obvious too? Argan oil...