Hair oil treatment trend does not seem to go anywhere any time soon. No wonder, it is natural, safe and very effective way for providing hair with hydration and deliver them nourishing ingredients. Which oil should you choose for hair oil treatment? Our proposition is moringa oil from kernels of tropical “miracle tree”.

moringa-oil.jpgWhere does it come from?

Moringa oil is extracted in the process of cold pressing kernels of Moringa oleifera fruits. The plant is common for the Indian subcontinent and some Asian, African and South American countries. Oil is being obtained mainly in India and exported to the entire World.

What are its properties?

Moringa oil is most of all rich in vitamins (A, C, E and B) and minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron). Moringa oil has yellowish colour, light formula, sweet taste and slightly nutty scent. It is perfect for hair, because it does not weight down, absorbs pretty fast and is very efficient in comparison to other oils. Furthermore, it consists of characteristic high amount of fatty acids, essential for conditioning of hair with various porosity. Great plus of moringa oil for hair is also its long expiry date, safe formula and perfect consistency.

How does it work?

Moring oil will perfectly smoother skin and hair by providing them with the right level of hydration. It can be applied on hair in two different ways – before hair wash it ensures softness, moisture, strengthening and cleanse, while used as an oil serum after hair wash it normalises sebum secretion, calms, provides gloss and improves hair colour. Moringa oil is a valuable cosmetic oil with lots of benefits for skin and hair. The greatest advantage of its action, beside the incredible conditioning properties, is its amazing absorption – right after application it absorbs in hair structure without a trace. After use of moringa oil, hair become soft and smooth, as well as they are much easier in combing. This oil does not cause skin irritations, dryness, dandruff or any other side effects.